What Is Rick Grimes IQ? For My Part I Would Say a 120 IQ

What is Rick Grimes IQ? This is something of a common question that I see asked on Reddit quite often, and I thought I would make a blog post about it, in quick fashion, in order to give my 2 cents on the topic. What stands out to me is that Rick Grimes likely has an IQ in the 120 to 125 range. Obviously he does not have the genius level 145 to 150 intelligence that Eugene has, however he is very smart in his own right, he is able to learn from past experiences, and he is very good at leading people, and at persisting against all odds. On some level, it is his people skills and ability to learn from experience, as well as his physical body IQ that I would say contributes to this IQ score, which is in the 90th percentile, in that Rick has an uncanny ability to push forward and persist against all odds. And so, let’s look at the IQ of other Walking Dead characters, and why Rick Grimes likely has an IQ of around 120.

Other Character IQ blog posts that we will be looking at include:

What Is Rick Grimes IQ?Eugene – 135

Maggie – 118

Negan – 130, as he was able to beat the saviors

Glenn – 131, it has been said that he is very smart

Hershel – 128 – he is a doctor

Daryl – 120

Abraham – 114

Sasha – 112

Rosita – 115

The Priest – 120

Deana – 140 (she was a Congresswoman after all)

And a host of other characters, read on or subscribe for more details and information!

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What Is Rick Grimes IQ? Moments When He Showcased His Intelligence And Experience

Times when Rick Grimes showed that he was the smartest guy in the room are when:

He yelled at the Alexandrians for being lazy and for not thinking and planning ahead. This is evidenced when they are having a meeting about whether Rick should be able to stay in their community, and Rick was out hunting zombies that had gotten into the property. Rick brings the Walker to the meeting, and on top of this, his prediction comes to pass when Pete, who they had exiled, comes to the property, and kills Deanna’s husband.

Or think about when Rick looks at Negan as he is in a bad position, nearly about to get himself and Carl killed and says to Negan “I already told you, I’m gonna kill you, and there’s NOTHING you can do about that” before whispering in his ear in dominant fashion “you’re all already dead.” In one of the most badass moments of the show. He was about half right here, I admire his persistence even more than his IQ.

Final Thoughts On The IQ Of Rick Grimes, I Stand Firm at 120

And that’s the IQ of Rick Grimes, I would give him around 120 as he is definitely very bright. His other virtues come in the form of experience and persistence, and courage, which can’t be topped by intelligence. For more information on all things The Walking Dead, comment down below or subscribe!








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