Is Rick Grimes Dead? He Looks to Be Alive And Well From The Walking Dead World Beyond Point of View

Is Rick Grimes Dead? By my calculations, Rick Grimes is likely to be alive and well, although he has very likely made some new friends and new enemies by the end of Walking Dead Season 11 and Walking Dead World Beyond. Given the fact that Jadis saved him after his fiasco at the bridge in Season 9, and that they had him in a helicopter going to the Civic Republic which was seemingly much higher up the dominance hierarchy, it is very probable that Rick Grimes is still alive. There are even talks that Jadis gave the Civic Republic something “very valuable” and that that one thing was Rick Grimes. And so, in this blog post, lets explore whether Rick Grimes is dead, and why I say that he is likely still alive.

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My top ten reasons why Rick Grimes is likely still alive:

  1. The Walking Dead Needs Plot Armor
  2. The Rick Grimes Comeback will save Season 11
  3. The Rick Grimes MovieIs Rick Grimes Dead?
  4. Rick is at the Civic Republic
  5. He is too experienced to Die
  6. Rick May Be Immune to the Virus
  7. In The Comics He Dies Peacefully Of Old Age
  8. He is a fighter and has taken out whole herds by himself
  9. He is Superhuman
  10. It’s Rick Grimes I mean come on!

Is Rick Grimes Dead? Reasons Why He Is Most Definitely Still Alive

In talking about the gist of why Rick Grimes is most definitely still alive, are that he is so tough and is able to just get through immense periods of stress and straight up physical pain at different points in the series. Some of the times when Rick was able to push through the worst pain imaginable are when:

He bit the guys throat when he was about to hurt Carl and they were going to take out Rick’s entire group

Negan put him in the middle of a giant herd, and he was able to fight his way back into the van

He lost Lori in the prison

He watched his son Carl die

He raised Children in the worst circumstances imaginable

He took down an entire hoard with an Axe in Alexandria all by himself

And many more, Rick Grimes is a serious badass and way too powerful to die!

Did Rick Grimes Die In The Comic Books? Why He Eventually Did Pass Of Old Age

In the comic books, I will tell you that he did pass eventually of old age, at the age of like 70, which is a pretty darn good run in Walking Dead years. I don’t believe the series will kill him off however given this fact in the comics, and because fans would be absolutely devastated by this. We also have the clip scene in the Walking Dead Season 8 when Carl Dies, where we see an old Rick with his hot wife Michonne and a baby. Not a bad ending all things considered.

Final Thoughts On Is Rick Grimes Dead? Why He Will Still Be Alive for TWD Season 11 And the Movie

Rick Grimes is not dead! Keep watching Season 11 of The Walking Dead to see where it goes!







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