Why Was The Bridge So Important to Rick Grimes? My Analysis

Rick Grimes is a fictional character who played an iconic role in the Walking Dead TV show, acting as a leader to a group of survivors. Nonetheless, there are many positive and negative criticisms of his leadership. Some fans feel he was a good leader, while others differ from this perspective. We shall analyze a few details about Rick to help paint a clearer image of who he is and what he did. In this blog post we’ll also focus on the question of why was the bridge so important to Rick Grimes, and why it was not only life saving in the end, but what it symbolized in the first place that made Rick prioritize it so much. For more details and information on all things The Walking Dead, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information!


Was Rick Grimes a Good Leader?

Why Was the Bridge So Important to Rick GrimesThis question has many sides, but Rick is among the most loved characters in the Walking Dead series.


He effortlessly becomes the leader of the Atlanta group, a team of survivors, after recovering from a comma and losing his wife and son. Fortunately, Mr. Grimes finds his wife and son in “Tell It to the Frogs”, episode 3 of season 1. From detailed analysis, Mr. Grimes proved to be a great leader because he showed and honed all the leadership skills, including integrity, decision-making, proper communication, empathy, and prowess in delegating. This is shown nowhere better than in Rick’s influence over building the bridge, it was almost as if his intuition knew the group would need it.


Why Was The Bridge So Important to Rick Grimes

Action is one of the incredible parts of the Walking Dead to enjoy, besides the fully-packed drama, fiction, and fantasy. Many fans would love to see the fight between the two characters playing the leading roles; Rick and Negan. Rick leads the Atlanta group, while Negan heads the Kingdom. However, different analyzers speculate that Negan may win because he is well-built, taller, muscular, and stronger than Rick. That being said, I think that Rick has a stronger mind than Negan, the bridge is a glimpse into Rick’s inner world.

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In a nutshell, the bridge was so important to Rick Grimes because it symbolized unity among the six groups of the Walking Dead, these are:


The Saviors

The Kingdom

The Hilltop


The Scavengers

These groups were all unified together after the battle with the Saviors, and they all united together to fight against the dead!

Who is Rick’s Right Hand Man, Glenn or Daryl?

Rick Grimes has a close relationship with both Glenn and Daryl. Nevertheless, there can only be one right-hand man at a time. Rick and Daryl create a sentimental relationship before Glenn shows up. This means Mr. Grimes trusts Daryl more and delegates different duties to him. Additionally, we can see that Daryl replaced Shane Walsh as Rick’s right-hand man after Shane died in season 2.

What The Bridge Symbolized Overall

Unity, peace, prosperity, and the future. And above it all, Rick essentially had Negan kept alive as a way of showing people that it was the future and that his way of doing things was done, as well as being essentially Rick’s trophy. Overall I think that Rick did a fantastic job as a leader, and while I would’ve like to have seen him stay a little longer running his great empire that he created, I do think the story arc did a very good job of showing Negan vs the Whisperers and how tough Negan is, as well as putting together the future Alexandria community in Rick’s image.

Final Thoughts On Why Was The Bridge So Important to Rick Grimes

There is much to learn from Rick, especially regarding protecting one’s family and stepping up as a reliable leader. He had a phenomenal role throughout the series and played it to his utmost ability, dedication, and determination. The bridge is a symbol of unity and of that protection, hence why it was so important to Rick in the first place. For more information on all things The Walking Dead, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.








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