Rick Grimes vs Walter White, How This Epic Rap Battle of History Went

In this Rick Grimes vs Walter White blog post, I am going to format this a little differently than I typically do, as it is going to be a blurb rather than a blog post. A snippet of this epic rap battle of history is that I think Walter White won the rap battle because he is LOUDER than Rick Grimes is, and because he is much more narcissistic and egotistical. Rick Grimes is much more of a family man, and a lover, although he is MUCH tougher than Walter White is, and even in a fight to the finale, with all the resources that Walter White has, Rick and his people have way more. The type of life that they have had to put up with over the past, say decade or so on the show is extremely different than in any other show and I say they are the strongest by far because they have the hardest environment.

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Rick Grimes Vs Walter White, Who Would Win In a Fight?

Rick Grimes hands down. Although Walter White is a good chess player, and although Walt can’t put up much of a battle in a fist fight, his brain is spectacular, and he has been able to pull off some truly amazing things with it. In Breaking Bad, Walt was able to make $100,000,000 US Dollars Rick Grimes Vs Walter Whiteduring his time on the show inside of like 18 months. This is a truly incredible sum of money and takes obsession, brain power and persistence. Walt is a force to be reckoned with no doubt, but Rick Grimes is a survivor, and for him to endure what he did, takes the strength of a war general. Rick Grimes for the win here.

Final Thoughts On Rick Grimes Vs Walter White

I say that Rick Grimes would win the fight, Walter White won the rap battle, and that it might be closer than we think. For more information on all things Rick Grimes, read on and subscribe!





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