Will the Walkers Eventually Die Out? My Take on This Mystery of The Walking Dead

So, in the Walking Dead, there is one mystery that has always sort of confused me, and I am not the first one to question this topic. It is the question of will the Walkers eventually die out in the Walking Dead? I personally say that they will weaken but never die out fully, as it probably wouldn’t make for much of a TV show, however I do think we see them start to weaken individually as we progress later in the series, and I do think that we will see them get weaker and weaker as the show goes on. I am personally extremely curious to see how the Walking Dead ends, and of exactly how they choose to take this show, given that Rick and now Michonne are separated, and given that the show only has so many places that it can go from here as far as an ending, I personally think it will go somewhat close to the route that the comic books went. And so, in this blog post, let’s look at my projected ending, the timeline story of the walking dead, and ask the question of will the Walkers eventually die out? Read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

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Will the Walkers Eventually Die Out? And Why I Say Yes They Will

So, kind of a fundamental law of nature is that things decay, that everything decays, and that you have to fight against the decay in order to spiral yourself upwards, stop fighting and you spiral all the way downwards. So, with this being said, yes I think that the walkers will weaken, in time, just like all things, and will eventually die off, and while it may take decades, by the time we get to say season 10 or 11, where our characters have been out there fighting for like 13 years, they would be starting to die off by now. Combine this with humans taking out tons of them over time, and you’ve got yourself a pretty solid explanation that the walkers will die out eventually. The heat death of the Universe will even wipe out planets and sons, so yes I think were this to be a real thing, they would eventually fade away.

The Timeline of The Walking Dead

So I’ve seen two timeline arguments online so far. One says that they’ve been out there fighting in the apocalypse for 12 to 13 years, and another one says that they’ve been out there for 7500 days, which would be 20 years, woof that would be a rough 20 years. Here’s the timeline that I’ve been speculating for the show so far:

Season 1:

days 0 to 365

Season 2:

Days 365 to 750

Season  3:

Days 750 to 1200

Season 4:

Days 1200 to 1750

Season 5: Will the Walkers Eventually Die Out?

Days 1750 to 2400

Season 6:

Day 2400 to 3200

Season 7:

Day 3200 to 4500

Season 8:

Day 4500 to 6000

Season 9:

Day 6000 to 7000

Season 10:

Day 7000 to 7500

Season 11:

I will project that this takes us all the way to day 10,000, for a 27 year apocalypse timeline. That is one heck of a ride and one heck of a show, and personally I think that it is legitimate projection and an awesome run for the show. There storyline is literally going to be giving this show something like 20 years on the air when its all said and done, heck even the Harry Potter empire didn’t last that long.

How I Think the Show Will End

So in the comic books, the show ends with Carl Grimes being in a property dispute case in court for killing a Walker of someone else’s, which is technically considered his property. The Walkers are no longer a threat to civilization really, and they only come about in Carnivals, or in something like once every 10 years. Carl marries Sophia and has a kid that they name Hershel, and Rick Grimes is something of a legend, with the Grimes family name being extremely well respected and powerful. The virus has been cured and humanity is well on its way towards a prospering civilization once again, by say 2500 in this world we will be right back to having flying cars and computer programmers taking over the world right on schedule. I think the show will take a similar approaching in the end, what do you think? Leave a comment down below and let us know.

Final Thoughts on Will The Walkers Eventually Die Out? My Opinion

So yes, in the comics, they die out to such a vast extent that they are not really a threat to humanity anymore, which is crazy to think because they were once the threat to humanity, taking out everyone in site. But the final 1,000,000 humans or so were too strong to be taken out completely, and they spiraled the world upward like they have so many times before. What do you think about my analysis of the show, read on or comment down below and let us know.








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