Is Rick Grimes Superhuman? Heck Yeah He Is

Is Rick Grimes superhuman? In this blog post on the walking dead blog, I will run through why I think Rick Grimes is literally superhuman, NY he is probably a better superhero than Batman or superman combined. When looking at the amazing feats of strength that Rick Grimes and even the other members of his group have accomplished, if we think about how superman or Batman would’ve fared without their powers without their money, and without their social network in such a situation, I really can’t imagine them doing any better. Batman in particular, even with all of the skills and toughness he has built, is used to living in a castle. I don’t see him faring that well in a walking dead type environment.

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Is Rick Grimes Superhuman?Rick Grimes

Daryl Dixon

Glenn Rhee





The Walking Dead Farm

The Governor



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How Batman Or Superman Would Do In The Walking Dead


Yes he’s able to beat bad guys to a Paul with his bare hands night after night, but take away the food, the Batcave, the luxurious lifestyle, and everything in between, and we likely have a very different situation. Add to the fact that he would start to lose a lot of muscle mass, and that he’ll likely would have his house taken down by walkers, and we have an interesting story dear. Personally, I think a story about how Batman would fare in a zombie apocalypse, would be quite interesting. If you got ahead of the game ahead of the breakout, he might be able to create an antidote to stop it, he might be able to use his resources to create such defenses that he could continue his lifestyle before it got too bad, and the lake.

Final Thoughts On Is Rick Grimes Superhuman? Why He Most Definitely Is But Is Also Human

Fast forward to House superman my fair, and with his powers, he could likely, burn down the world quite literally so that I could rebuild and learn from the virus. Without his powers however, he likely would be mincemeat. When we look at the things that Rick Grimes, a simple human has done within the show, we see him turn from a normal man with a 9-to-5 job, who is no doubt a tough sheriff, into a complete beast, and into a literal savage. We see these people have to turn in the hard-core, combat tested warriors, in order to survive. Some of my favorite seats of strength that Rick Grimes has accomplished, are fighting out the guys throat when he was trying to hurt Carl, saving Alexandria with annex, and bringing together a massive group of people to take on the saviors, combining everyone’s strength together. For more details and information at all things The Walking Dead, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information. 


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