How Do Maggie and Glenn Get Out of Woodbury? The Toughest Battle They Ever Faced

Writing this blog is starting to bring back memories of when I was binge watching The Walking Dead last summer, and I have got to say, that the show was very addictive, especially certain episodes which really kept you on the edge of your seat. One in particular that I remember is in Season 3 Episode 7, “when the dead come knocking” and in this episode, the Governor kidnaps Glenn and Maggie, and starts to torture and hurt both of them. It is a really gripping episode to watch within the show because at this point we have developed a relationship with the characters Glenn and Maggie, and we are literally hurting for them. It is in this episode also that Rick Grimes saves them both. I just watched the full scene with Maggie and the Governor where he has her kidnapped, and I forgot that he actually made her strip down at one point, literally taking off her bra and pinning her against the table. I would put the video in this blog post but I’d be worried that I would get de-monetized. My point being here is that The Walking Dead was a pretty F***** up show at times, and although it was definitely gripping watching the Post Apocalyptic human race literally kill each other, I will say that the show definitely had its moments, though it was also freakishly addicting and I binge watched a ton of episodes over a really short time frame. Some other character arc’s that I would like to explore in future posts on this website include:

How do Glenn and Maggie get out of WoodburyThe Governor Story Arc




Diving Deeper into each character

Talking About the Strength of each character

What TWD teaches us about Experience

What TWD teaches us about Persistence

Why The Walking Dead is extremely motivating

Rick Grimes

Carl Grimes


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How Do Maggie and Glenn Get Out of Woodbury? Rick Grimes Saves the Day Again

Rick and his group, in the usual fashion of the Walking Dead story arc, rush in to save their people and break them out of Woodbury. In a hard fought battle, it also leads to them taking a lot of the Woodbury people as essentially mercenaries for themselves once the craziness makes itself apparent at their camp. Out of all the camps in the Walking Dead, I would say that Woodbury was by far the scariest. While The Saviors also had their moments, they were much more advanced and Negan was a much more calm and better leader than the Governor was, although just as ruthless in a much more intelligent manner. Negan is much more like a force of nature in The Walking Dead than anything else, in that he still has not been taken down all the way up to Season 11 of TWD and is getting his own movie spin off!

Glenn Vs The Governor, And Why Michonne Eventually Got The Final Blow

Glenn gets his chance to fight him at one point although he is eventually chained up and beaten down pretty good by Meryl, Daryl’s older brother. Daryl eventually leaves him behind in the woods when he realizes what a lazy piece of crap he is, opting to join the group with Rick Grimes at his prison camp again, at least until that camp again gets taken down by the Governor. The story of Seasons 3 and 4 of TWD is one of them being straight savages, we see Rick in his most vulnerable position that makes him become a true warrior at he loses his wife Lori, he has a war with the Governor, he meets Michonne and tries to run a camp all on his own, and a virus ravages through his camp. In short, these experiences made Rick Grimes, and it is really cool to see it all come full circle once we get to Seasons 5, 6, 7 and beyond.

Final Thoughts On How Do Maggie And Glenn Get Out of Woodbury?

And that’s the gist of how the gang eventually got out of and took down Woodbury. The Woodbury story arc was definitely one of endurance, as it seemed to never end in the way the story was written. I was glad once the Governor was taken out mid-way through Season 4 by Michonne, as I quite literally was sick and tired of the story arc going on and on. For more details and information on all things the Walking Dead, read on and subscribe!





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