How Did Carl Get Shot In The Eye In The Walking Dead?

Now truth be told, the scene of how did Carl get shot in the eye in the Walking Dead is by far one of my favorite in the entire show, because it actually brought forth so much might from his father Rick Grimes that he was able to literally save Alexandria with his hatchet by inspiring all of his people to attack and fight the herd of Walkers all on their own. In this blog post, I will give the full gist of the lead up to the scene, and of how exactly this all came to pass. I am also noticing that the traffic is really picking up on this website with the Rick Grimes and other character arc blog posts, and so I will most definitely be continuing to write more and more content of the sort. Be sure to read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information on all things the Walking Dead!

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How Did Carl Get Shot In The Eye In The Walking Dead, The Build Up

So just how did Carl Grimes end up getting shot in the eye In The Walking Dead Season 6? This is such a cool scene build up that I absolutely love writing about. So for starters, the husband was hurting Jessie, and this caused Rick to get angry in trying to help a defenseless woman. From here, we see that Rick took out the father of this boy, because he was hurting his mother, being Jessie, and with Pete being the husband here. Top this off with the fact that the safety and security of Alexandria was essentially just a temporary pipe dream, as all things are in The Walking Dead, in that the herd of Walkers that was right up the block was blocked off by a Canyon. Once something broke off and released them, Rick and his people eventually had to turn into action, as they had done so many times before, and lead the Walkers away from camp to try and save Alexandria. A car horn, some screams, and a handful of other pitfalls eventually took this plan for a storm, and Rick and the gang found themselves blocked off in their houses as the Walkers ravaged the city of Alexandria.

Why This Got Andrea And Her Sons Taken Out, The Full Sequence Of Events

From here, Rick came up with a plan once again, as he was in the house once again with Jessie, Carl, and everyone’s sons, to use the flesh of one of the Walkers in order to disguise themselves, once again as they had done in Season 1 of the show. In terrifying fashion, Jessie’s son begins to panic, and he starts to scream and freak out. Making too much noise, the Walkers start to chomp on him. Jessie yells in a panic, and they take her out as well.

Here is where things start to get interesting, Carl is grabbing Jessie’s hand, and Jessie will not let go. As Rick sees Jessie starting to drag Carl into getting taken out as well, he eventually takes her forearm out with an Axe, to save Carl’s life. Out of the immediate father, the only family member left, Jessie’s oldest son, tries to get a shot off at Rick, angry for taking out his father, while Michonne saves him by putting a sword through him.

As a final blow however, the weapon fires, and it hits Carl instead, putting a bullet right through his eye. Rick Grimes and Step Mom Michonne spring into action, rushing Carl to the Infirmary with all they have left in order to save Carl.

How This Turned Rick Grimes Into An Aggressive Machine, Saving Alexandria In Full

From here, Rick and Michonne have to fight to get Carl to the hospital. They make it there, as Rick simply utters “please save him” before allowing them to operate on him, the Walking Dead level doctors, made up of a Nurse and one former doctor, along with some barely trained staff. Rick looks out the window at the Walkers, being drawn into the hospital room by the light, and out of sheer rage and inability to help Carl medically, he starts to fight, not only to save his sons operation, but to get his aggression out. Rick walks out into the herd with nothing but a hatchet and just starts swinging. There are literally 10,000 walkers around him and he could probably take them out entirely on his own with his form, anger and newfound energy that he now has.

From here, we see the other Alexandrian’s get inspired, and one by one, slowly but surely, even Eugene jumps into the fight to help out, saying “that’s incorrect I believe I do. No one gets to clock out today, and hell, this is a story people are gonna tell.” His warrior spirit has finally been ignited, and the entire group of Alexandrian’s have become strong and ready to fight. They eventually, by morning, taken out the entire herd of Walker’s, and Carl wakes up. In one of the most stunning scenes in the entire show, and it is number one on my Rick Grimes savage and my favorite episode list!

Final Thoughts On How Did Carl Get Shot In The Eye In The Walking Dead?

Hope you enjoyed my synopsis of the Saving Alexandria episode of The Walking Dead. This battle basically puts the battle of New York in Avengers 1 to complete shame in terms of the sheer force of will power that it required for the characters. On a side note, I am thoroughly enjoying writing about these plots in TWD, and so you will definitely see more similar content on this site. For more details and information, comment down below and subscribe.





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