Daryl Dixon is one of the few characters to remain consistent for the length of The Walking Dead’s existence, not only in the pilot. And he outlives the show’s protagonist, Rick Grimes, in The Walking Dead.

How Did Daryl and Leah get together?

Episode 18 of Season 10 was titled “Find Me,” and it was in this episode that Daryl and Leah first met. These six extra episodes brought the total number of episodes in a season to 24, which was a record. In the episode “Find Me,” Daryl is looking for Rick Grimes’ body to finally get over his grief when he comes across a cottage in the woods and encounters Leah. Daryl devotes more time to Leah as the show progresses, and the two gradually develop feelings for one another. But when Leah gave him a choice between her and his family, he chose his family, and Leah vanished.

Did Leah Take Daryl’s Virginity?

The two begin an unspecified intimate relationship after casually running into each other for 17 months. Although we never see them kissing or getting intimate, they are strongly suggested to share a bed.

Was Leah Daryl’s First love interest?

In the story, Daryl and Leah did end up together after dating for a while. While this was only one episode for viewers, it was meant to resolve a mystery brewing for over a decade. Cute as it was when they threw fish at each other in an attempt to spark conversation, different scenes, like when they said, “Oh no, there are walkers, we’ll just have to huddle together for safety!” were groan-inducing.

Also, the new romance only has about 20 minutes to grow because the story is bookended by the story of Daryl and Carol in the present day. The absence of Leah at the episode’s conclusion also prevents us from learning more about their relationship, making it unclear whether we should be rooting for them to reconcile.

In Conclusion

Daryl is a tough guy who can take care of himself, with a sharp mind and a lot of resources, but he softens when it comes to the people he loves, showing unwavering loyalty and compassion.