24 12, 2023

Negan Sees Variant Walkers for the First Time Review Scene

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Negan Sees Variant Walker for the first time. Negan is the leader of a small band of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies have taken control. He may be cruel and vicious, but he has learned to keep going. His curiosity is piqued the first time he looks at a Walker version. The Walker is unlike any zombie he has ever seen, and he is curious why. Negan Gets His First Look at The Walker Variant Negan is fascinated and [...]

24 12, 2023

How Did Sasha Die on the Walking Dead?

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Negan Killed Abraham and Glenn in one of the bloodiest episodes of the series. Although Abraham was in a relationship with Rosita, he finally ended the relationship after falling in love with Sasha. However, their love life was short-lived because Abraham was killed soon after. Sasha was very angry at Negan, and she was looking to avenge the death of Abraham. Initially, Sasha and Rosita were not on good terms but eventually agreed to go to the Sanctuary and kill Negan. [...]

24 12, 2023

Is Negan Physically Stronger Than Rick Grimes?

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Was Rick Grimes A Good Leader?     Rick did not set out to become the leader of the various communities that he became involved with, but this happened almost every time. In the earlier seasons, he had a strong moral code, and this made him a good leader. Before the apocalypse he was a cop, so it was natural for him to try and take control of the situation. As the years progressed, the lines between right and wrong blurred [...]

2 09, 2023

How Many Saviors Are There at the Line Up?

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How Many Saviors Are There At The Line Up On Season 7 Walking Dead? The characters in the Walking Dead series are among the most praised and admired globally, thanks to their prowess. However, breaking down some of their traits and roles in the show is essential to help you get a clearer glimpse. The information on the internet may be overwhelming, with some sources providing false and unreliable information. This short piece will paint a transparent image about two matters: [...]

2 09, 2023

Why Was The Bridge So Important to Rick Grimes?

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Why Was The Bridge So Important to Rick Grimes? My Analysis Rick Grimes is a fictional character who played an iconic role in the Walking Dead TV show, acting as a leader to a group of survivors. Nonetheless, there are many positive and negative criticisms of his leadership. Some fans feel he was a good leader, while others differ from this perspective. We shall analyze a few details about Rick to help paint a clearer image of who he is and [...]

1 09, 2023

Is Rick Grimes a Stoic Leader?

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Is Rick Grimes a Stoic Leader? Why Rick Grimes Ideals Line Up A Lot With Stoicism And Why He Is a Hero Fans view Rick as heroic because he constantly risks his own safety to protect the people they care about. Because of Rick's actions, people such as Maggie, Carol, and Aaron are still alive, hence many choose to have faith in and esteem him. After watching The Walking Dead multiple times over, I would say that Rick Grimes is most [...]

19 07, 2023

What Are Variant Walkers In The Walking Dead?

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What Are Variant Walkers in The Walking Dead? Most walkers follow more-or-less the same set of rules in The Walking Dead. As such, chances are good interested individuals can guess "variant walker" is just a term for walkers that deviate from these rules. The rules of drama mean the franchise focuses on variant walkers with differences that make them more dangerous rather than less dangerous to the surviving humans. So far, that means smarter, stronger zombies. However, the mere existence of [...]

9 07, 2023

Does Negan Get Along With Carl?

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Does Negan Get Along With Carl On The Walking Dead? Carl was really brave and articulate. Negan was fond of Carl because he liked how he carried himself around. At one point, Negan admitted that he did not have a child, but if he did, he would want him to be like Carl. Negan understood how the world was and needed strong men and women to survive. He bragged about how he made people strong and helped them survive, thus leading [...]

30 06, 2023

Was Negans Line Up Justified in Season 7 Walking Dead?

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Was Negans Line Up Justified in Season 7 of The Walking Dead? Why The Math Makes Sense On His Decision I would say that Negans line up on the Walking Dead was actually more than justified, and that while brutal, that numerically it was actually and good idea and was somewhat merciful to the group as a whole. For starters, Rick and his people had taken out a whole group of Negans people on multiple occasions in the show. And it’s [...]

21 01, 2023

What Happened to Bob On The Walking Dead?

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What Happened to Bob On The Walking Dead? Bob Stookey, the character in The Walking Dead, acted by Lawrence Gillard Jr., met a tragic end in the fifth season. So, what happened to Bob walking dead? Bob was among the crucial members of Rick’s group, and he joined the series off-screen in the time skip between the 3rd and 4th seasons. Bob remains with the group until the end of the conflict with the Governor, acted by David Morrissey. After everyone [...]