Was Rick Grimes A Good Leader?



Rick did not set out to become the leader of the various communities that he became involved with, but this happened almost every time. In the earlier seasons, he had a strong moral code, and this made him a good leader. Before the apocalypse he was a cop, so it was natural for him to try and take control of the situation. As the years progressed, the lines between right and wrong blurred slightly but he still remained the one that the communities looked to in times of trouble.



Rick vs Negan: Who Would Win In A Fight?



When Rick and Negan did fight at the end of season eight, Rick was the victor. However, for large parts of their fight, Negan had the upper hand. Rick needed a weapon to be able to cut Negan’s neck and end the fight. He showed mercy to Negan by asking Siddiq to save him. It is unlikely that Negan would have done the same if the roles were reversed.



Who Is Rick’s Right Hand Man, Daryl or Glenn?



It is the opinion of many people that Daryl is Rick’s right hand man. They have been friends since the second season of the show, and Daryl has saved his life on several occasions. The one thing that goes against Daryl is that he does not always make the best decisions.



Glenn was the one who saved Rick in Atlanta and reunited him with his family. Glenn was great at being a supply runner, but he did not really have the combat skills to be Rick’s second in command.



Final Thoughts On Rick Grimes As A Character



For many fans, the character of Rick Grimes is what makes the Walking Dead the show that it is. Characters have come and gone, but he has been the constant up until he leaves the show in season nine. He is well-liked because more often than not he tries to do the right thing. He was prepared to give his life to save the community, as seen in the last episode he appeared in, What Comes After. Some of his other memorable episodes include First Blood, Sore Throat and Love Actually.