Why Rick Grimes Is A Bad Leader, The Many Mistakes of Rick Grimes

There are many reasons in the show The Walking Dead why Rick Grimes is a bad leader, just like there are many reasons why he is a great winner. Among some of the reasons why he is a truly fantastic leader at different points in the shell, is that we are able to see him harness his warrior energy and persistence in ways that no other character can, and we are able to see his optimism and realism at the times when it is needed the most.

Certain things still do make him something of a bad leader however, and that he is not the greatest at taking counsel, and that his competence can sometimes turn to arrogance, and that he has certain weaknesses, like his son and his seeming need to continuously breed children in such a chaotic environment.

Although many of these could be considered Strengths, they definitely have their downsides and could be construed as witnesses. And so, in this blog post let’s look at the things that make Rick Grimes a bad leader. Just to be clear I’m not necessarily saying that Rick Grimes is a bad leader, but instead I’m saying that he does have treats and make him ineffective at other times, and traits that may make other players of the group, better strategic leaders than he is.

Why Rick Grimes Is a Bad Leader, The Pro’s And Con’s Of Him

The first reason that I would say Rick Grimes could be construed as a bad leader, is his arrogance in thinking that he is very often or always right. His need to sometimes get it up in others faces in order to get his point across also sometimes upsets people, which causes him problems. What we see Why Rick Grimes Is a Bad Leadermore often than not in this regard however, is that Rick is actually very good at working with different types of personalities, and different types of people. Hi season nine of The Walking Dead, we see that Rick is able to work with Derrell, Eugene, Maggie, and all the other members of the group, including the new saviors that have been excepted into the Alexandria camp.

No doubt Rick has extremely good people skills, and he is definitely able to harness them when he needs to. However, sometimes his single mindedness can also get him in trouble, like how he put all of the resources into building the bridge between the communities project. Granted the bridge did end up saving all the communities, because he ended up having to take it out in order to start the final zombie herd, there is absolutely no doubt that Rick can sometimes get single minded on his goals, with all the good and bad things that brings with it.

The other reason I would say Rick Grimes the bad leader, is that he often leaves himself and his camp vulnerable to attack. For instance, let’s look at all of the children he has in The Walking Dead, that either came about intentionally or unintentionally. Up to season nine we see Rick having to take care of Carl Grimes, and by the end of season nine, we see him having to take care of Judith Grimes, as well as the new baby that he and Michonne both had. And while I’m not totally against these moves, given that it ricks current place in the world dominance hierarchy he probably should be procreating, it has definitely left him and his team vulnerable on multiple occasions.

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Final thoughts on why Rick Grimes is A Bad Leader


Overall I don’t think Rick Grimes is a bad leader, and considering what he was able to pull off given the extreme circumstances, and the way he was able to unite literally hundreds of people together into a massive conjoined community, I would say that overall he did a pretty darn good job. That being said, like any human being he has his faults and weaknesses, and I will tell you that him having so many children, and his mild arrogance at times, definitely could be done away with and he definitely leaves those out there as Chinx in his armor. For more information and all things The Walking Dead, subscribe to our blog.




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