The Walking Dead Timeline, How Far into the Apocalypse Are they?

This is a question that I often search in terms of the Walking Dead, with the Walking Dead timeline often being something that is very difficult to find an accurate record of online. In using this blog post however, I will attempt to answer all of those questions such as “how long was Rick Grimes at the farm?” or when did Rick take out Shane, or how long were they at the Prison, etc. etc. It is really cool when watching the show to note how far into the game they are, and of how long they have been persisting out there and attempting to build a life, because I think it adds something to the actors characters to know this. And so, this blog post will take the format of a list, where I run through every single significant event in the show, and of how many days into the Walking Dead timeline it is.

Day 1 – The outbreak starts

Day 3 – Power goes out in LA

Day 16 – Atlanta falls and the Government tries to helicopter take out the zombies

Day 59 – Rick wakes up from his Coma in the hospital, it is speculated this is about 4 days after Shane put the bed in front of the door.

Day 60 – Glenn helps rescue Rick Grimes from the Tank

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Day 63 – The group arrives at the CDC (the initial Season 1 and 2 Timelines move way quicker than I originally thought.)

Day 64 – Everyone is infected, the CDC is lit on fire

Day 67 – Carl is shot, intro to Hershel’s farm

Day 71- Zombie Sophia is killed (again I thought the search for Sophia went on for more than a week….)

Day 81 – Dale dies

Day 82 – Rick takes out Shane

Day 83 – Hoard attacks the farm, the group leaves

Day 84 to 301 – Surviving the winter on the road

Day 301 – Group moves into the prison

Day 302- Hershel is bit, Rick hacks off his leg

Day 303 – Michonne finds woodburry

Day 309 – T-Dog passes away, Lori grimes has child and passes away.

Day 310 – Glenn and Maggie captured at Woodburry and tortured. Andrea has sex with the Governor, Michonne takes out Governor’s eye.

The Walking Dead TimelineDay 312 – Governor attacks prison with Walkers

Day 313 – Tyreese’s group joins the Governor

Day 314 – Rick finds Morgan

Day 317 – Negotiations between Rick and Governor

Day 319 – Governor takes out Merle for not bringing down Michonne

Day 320 – Second attack on the prison, Governor takes out his own people for being weak.

Day 321 – Woodbury assimilated into the prison

Day 324 – Morgan learns Aekeido

Day 381 – Governor starts using Philip as his name again, joins Tara and Lilly in their apartment.

Day 493 – Bob joins the group

Day 500 – Patrick passes away, Flu starts to spread

Day 503 – Carol is kicked out of the prison

Day 504 – Governor attacks the prison and takes it out for good this time. Michonne takes out the Governor.

Day 506 – Group on the street, Michonne reunites with Rick and Carl

Day 509 – Beth wakes up in Hospital

Day 511 – Group arrives at Terminus, they are tied up in the Train car

512 – Group meets Gabriel

Day 531 – Tyreese dies from walker bite while looking for Noah’s family

Day 536 – Tornado in the barn, along with Walker hoard

Day 537 – Group meets Aaron and are shown Alexandria

Day 538 – Group makes it to Alexandrdia

Day 541 – Intro to the Wolves

Day 547 – Rick kills Pete

Day 552 – Wolves attack Alexandria, Maggie is pregnant.

Day 553 – Walls collapse, Carl’s eye is shot out and Rick takes out the entire hoard.

Day 584 – Introduction to Jesus, Michonne and Rick have sex.

Day 585 – Intro to the Saviors

Day 586 – Rick’s group takes out Saviors outpost.

Day 597 – Maggie rushed to Hilltop for pregnancy issues

Day 598 – Meeting Negan, Negan takes out Abraham and Glenn

Day 600 – Tara ends up in Oceanside

Day 609 – Tara brings up Oceanside, gropu goes there to get weapons

Day 610 – Rick’s group attacks Savior compound

Day 621 – Alexandrians take out Savior outposts. Saviors taken prisoner to the Hilltop

Day 622 – Carl sees Siddiq again

Day 626 – Negan Takes out Simon for attempting to grab power

Day 627 – Rick slits throat of Negan, takes him prisoner

Day 688 – Maggie gives birth to Hershel

Day 1171 – Gregory executed after failing to execute Maggie

Day 1207 – Maggie goes to kill Negan, now in jail for 2 years, but decides it would be worse to leave him alive

Day 1448 – Michonne takes out Jocelyn for protection, isolating Alexandria

Day 1450 – Michonne gives birth

Day 3400 – Negan escapes, Jesus killed by walkers in spooky graveyard

Day 3401 – Negan finds the Sanctuary in ruins, returns to his cell in Alexandria voluntarily realizing there is nothing left for him there.

Day 3406 – Intro to the Whisperers

Day 3499 – Carol breaks up with Ezekiel – they dated for like 9 years not too shabby

It goes on and on until like day 3800, which is like 10 years, this is where Eugene and his new group finds the commonwealth, interesting who is left till the very end.

The Walking Dead Timeline, How far Into the Apocalypse Are They? Final Thoughts

So, in the show, much like in that of reality, this has been going on for 10 years, much like the actual run time length of the show itself. Kind of crazy to think about surviving in these types of circumstances for 10 years straight, and its amazing to see how time flies even in the show and of how fast the characters are living. Now that I’m writing this I am realizing how time flies, nuff said. Subscribe to our blog for additional details and information on all things TWD.






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