How Long Between the Prison and Alexandria?

In terms of distance, since it was technically the West Georgia Correctional Facility that they were at, I would say it is about 50 miles from Alexandria, in terms of the question of how long between the prison and Alexandria in terms of the timeline however, from the beginning of the prison to Alexandria is about 10 months in Walking Dead time, with the end of the Prison to the start of Alexandria lasting about 60 days. In this blog post, we’ll look at how long that is in Walking Dead time, of just how much happened within the prison to strengthen our hero Rick Grimes and make him the man he is today, and much more. For more information on all things The Walking Dead, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

How Long Between the Prison and Alexandria, About 10 Months or 50 Miles

So when Rick and his crew first took over the prison, we can say that this was something like day 0 of this time period. They were in there for about 8 months before the Governor came back and completely destroyed it (they did get about 4 months of relative peace in there so it was not necessarily a crazy idea at all) and then they were on the road between Terminus, still trying to find each other, walking the train tracks, and then ending up in the barn with the tornado, for about 60 days before they finally met Aaron who took them to Alexandria. So it is about a 10 month difference from Prison to Alexandria, or essentially mild hell to safe haven, within the show. It’s crazy to think about all that happened in that short of a time frame, so lets look at what happened below.

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What Rick Grimes Went Through in the Prison

So first there was his wife Lori giving birth

How Long Between the Prison and AlexandriaThe Carl had to take out Lori, and lets not forget Rick was fighting with Lori for awhile before she died

Rick’s hallucinations

the War with the Governor

War with those in other parts of the cell blocks

The disease that rapidly spread throughout the prison

Them finally having to leave their home as it was up in flames

And a host of other battles. The one thing that I have learned about this show is that it is just battle after battle, and that our characters here do not get peace for very long, if they do, watch out because the next battle is coming!

Finding Safe Haven in Alexandria

I have heard some theories saying that the gang finding Safe Haven in Alexandria was what made the show lose some of its meaning and entertainment, but my thoughts on this are just the opposite. First off, I think that had they not found Alexandria that it would just be the same thing over and over again, them on the road. And secondly, had they not found Alexandria, they would’ve just been another group without a home, and they did enough wandering in Seasons 1-3. Alexandria also opened up the wartime portions of the story, which were pretty darn cool.

Final Thoughts on How Long Between the Prison and Alexandria

What did you think of Season 3 vs when they made it to Alexandria, as I personally felt that Alexandria was a major turning point in the show for our heroes. Leave a comment down below and tell us what you think and be sure to subscribe for daily updates on all things The Walking Dead.






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