Is Rick Grimes A Whisperer? My Take On This Awesome Possibility

Is Rick Grimes a whisper? This is a very interesting question because we actually never seen Rick Grimes end up as a whisper or have to use the skill set in any of his trials during the show. We do however see both Negan and Maggie Work together as whisperers in season 11 of The Walking Dead, and an extremely cool seem to get super high ratings. Personally, with Rick Grimes being at essentially The height of The Walking Dead dominance hierarchy, I would say that he definitely is a whisperer, and that he is able to use the skill to his advantage whenever he wants. I would say that his time in the city for public lent him enough energy and skills to be able to master this craft, as it seems to be extremely valuable in the world of The Walking Dead.

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Is Rick Grimes A Whisperer?

That being said this is all a little bit of a cliché and all speculation. We have never and most likely will never see Rick Grimes work and walk like a whisperer. Negan, is the closest we will ever see to this, and he’s essentially take it over is the new Rick Grimes in season 11 of the show, even getting borderline sexual with Maggie at one point, and that the anger, is overshadowed by her strong eagerness. With the amount of stuff that Knigge has gone through, he basically his triumphed over all of his demons, and is now able to live, and some sense freely.

Is Rick Grimes a whisperer? He very well could be


Well he very well could be is I have no doubt that the character could learn the craft needed to walk like a whisperer and to make a convincing, I doubt we will ever see this in the show. My hope for The Walking Dead is that the end showing of Rick Grimes finale, maybe with him in a suit in a newfound republic, and if they do find a way to make the movie.



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