Is Rick Grimes an Introvert? The Psychology and Big 5 Personality Profile of Rick Grimes

You guys asked for it, so yes, now we’re going this route. In this blog post, we start a whole new category, as we discuss the psychological profile of Rick Grimes, including if he’s an introvert or an extrovert, and what his IQ, baseline neuroticism, Conscientiousness, extroversion and openness, as well as agreeableness all tell us about our hero Rick Grimes. The gist of his personality is very interesting, and in this blog post I will walk through what officer friendlies personality was (pre-apocalypses Rick Grimes) and Season 9 badass Rick Grimes. Read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

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Is Rick Grimes an Introvert?Deanna Monroe





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Is Rick Grimes an Introvert? And What is Rick Grimes IQ

Rick Grimes is not necessarily an introvert, I would put him at around 50/50 on the overall scale in terms of how extroverted he is, he likes to have his space and he is more focused on the battle ahead than he is running around and socializing with everyone, with this in mind he also has very good people skills, especially for the type of group he is working with. We see how he is able to work with Daryl and all his weirdness, with Carole, and with just about every other character on the show, even being able to negotiate with enemies and be a leader, taking over communities when he needs to (such as Alexandria and when he goes after the saviors.) Yes people skills and a Warrior instinct are definitely this characters strong suit, but he does not have a low IQ, and while not as high as Glenn’s, I would say that he has college graduate level intelligence, something like a 118 or a 120 IQ score, not quite a genius but definitely more intelligent than your average bear. Combine this with fantastic people skills and a ridiculous work ethic and you have a Walking Dead Winner indeed.

The Big 5 Personality Profile of Rick Grimes

In terms of the big 5 personality model for Rick Grimes, I would give him the following:

  1. Openness to new experience – 40% –
  2. Conscientiousness – 100% –
  3. Agreeableness – 15th percentile
  4. Extroversion – 60th percentile
  5. Neuroticism – 10th percentile

A very interesting personality profile, and one that changed considerably given the craziness involved in the Walking Dead Universe, and one that fits his environment quite well. You need to have an insane work ethic and ability to fight and push forward, which is Rick’s defining quality, and people skills are super important in this type of environment, with needing to be able to work with people, fight with people and negotiate, being hugely strong qualities within the show. Rick being disagreeable is also important as well, as you have to fight and hit back more frequently than you need to be able to agree with people, him not having a necessarily high baseline anxiety level is also a massive contributing factor also.

What is Rick Grimes IQ? My Thoughts and Opinions

I think the Rick Grimes personality profile is definitely a good factor for the show. He has the perfect personality profile for being a leader within the zombie apocalypse, and I can’t wait to see the Rick Grimes movie which is hopefully coming out in 2022. Read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.






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