The Ricktatorship Speech, Rick Takes Over By The Fire In Season 2 Of The Walking Dead

The Ricktatorship speech has the scene I am referring to as the scene where Rick says “this isn’t a democracy anymore” by the fire at the end of Season 2. In this scene, Rick fully asserts his dominance over the group and says he is now the leader and the dictator, and that this isn’t a democracy anymore. In a total display of power and will, he was able to take over the entire group, to the benefit of both them and of himself. One quote that I thought was really cool within the Walking Dead is when Negan is judging Rick Grimes to the core, and is saying something along the lines of “you used to be their leader, you used to have power. You used to thrive on it, it kept you going, you got a high off of it, but no more.” That is a really deep and telling quote that really showcases the people skills and actual leadership skills of Negan, in that he understands who he is at the core, and is calling him out on it.

This post is about leadership, how Rick took control at the fire, and what makes Rick a very good leader and a very bad leader at different times within the show.

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The speech by Rick basically says “you saw the way he was sizing me up. How he compromised us, how he threatened us. He was my friend and I did what I had to do to protect my family, MY HANDS ARE CLEAN!” That’s the gist of it at least. At this point in the show, Rick becomes the leader of the group, no more Hershel since it was his house for a time, and with nowhere else to turn, the group turns to Rick Grimes. Rick actually is a good leader at this point, he is not a hothead like Shane, who can’t see more than one week down the road, and he makes some seriously cool moves that keep the group alive time and time again. For instance, he got the group to the prison which kept them alive for another 8 months, he kept them alive for 8 months on the road, defended them after the farm went under, and he was able to protect them from Terminus.

Top all of this off with the fact that, once Rick got to Alexandria, he defended them all from the herd, almost single handedly inspiring the group to take out all of those walkers. And let’s not forget the fact that he led a full scale revolt against the saviors and that he was able to take them down, putting his own group in power from the massive win. He took down Negan, to say the least.

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And that’s the gist of the Ricktatorship speech and why Rick Grimes was such a good leader for the group! Hope you enjoyed the blog post, stay tuned for more Walking Dead content!


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